Friday, 5 January 2018

GUEST POST: Carole Marie's Vinicunca Blanket

Happy new year everyone!! 

We have a treat for you today - a guest post from Carole of Carole Marie Designs! We absolutely adore Carole's colourful, geometric designs, and recently she was inspired by Michelle's Bargello Baby Blanket to create a crazy zig zag of bargello called the Vinicunca Blanket. We asked her to write a little bit about her design process, and it is absolutely fascinating to get a peek into a designer's brain!

And, just for our wonderful readers, Carole is offering  her Vinicunca Blanket pattern to us for free until next Tuesday, 9 January 2018!! 

Head to and use the code vinim 

Thank you Carole!


Where did Vinicunca come from?  Well thats easy really, it came from the Michelle’s Bargello pattern and a frustrating moment of not being able to control my tension.  Michelle and I share an interest in the formation of Bargello, Michelle in stitching, myself in the quilting form. The other thing I love is colour, bright rainbow colour so it seemed the right moment to have a bit of a play.  However my play wasn't working, tension issues.  I don't know why but I couldn't close the gap, it just wasn’t happening.  So I sat for a while getting more and more frustrated ready for throwing my hook into the naughty corner, when I realised that maybe I could turn single stitches into clusters instead and see if that worked.  Well easier said than done.  MATHS!  Another favourite of mine, I like to play with numbers.  

So then here’s Michelle pattern, to make the clusters sit right I would need to make the beginning chain 3 lengths longer... heck hold on ... its going to big.   Well OK sorted out the starting chain, applied Michelle’s technique and got cracking.   WHOOPS hold on.... now I had a long BUT skinny piece of work, well that was no use for a blanket.  Ermmm... got to work this out now, again a couple of hours of frustration playing around with stitches and how to make my blanket fatter (I only do fat blankets).  

Then hey presto a mad moment of thinking: What if I could reverse and mirror image the pattern. making sure the same colours sat on top of each other?  Again I had to play around with the stitches how could I work this backwards so everything sat at the right ?  I think on the 4th attempt I had worked it out so off I went again.  Once that second part was finished it was looking fatter but still a rectangle PLUS I still had half of my 12 colours left, I don't like to waste yarn, if I can I'll use a full ball of yarn.  So off I went again mirroring the pattern until 4 sections had been finished.  Still some yarn left so applied a simple border with all 12 colours and finished off with the dreaded crab stitch.

It was a real tah da moment for myself, a pleasing journey of creativity.  Of course I had to show it off and asked Michelle if I could write the pattern up and publish it.  And wonderfully she said yes. Then inspired by some of my closest crochet friends, the blanket was named Vinicunca, representing the mountains in Peru.  

This also meant that after a long period of time I had my 50th pattern to publish.  It had been such a long time, because of opening my own yarn shop that I had published anything.

This is what happens when you Crochet Between Worlds, you make great creative friends willing to share techniques and design ideas.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Crochet Advent Meditation Part IV

Hello hello!

Christmas is almost here! Didn't time fly by? It certainly did for us.

We wish you a very merry Christmas with lot of wonderful hours with your loved ones (and yarn). :)

The Christmas Advent Meditation ends with today's post. We hope you enjoyed it and we would love to get your feedback and see your pictures as a christmas present. It makes our day whenever we find a new picture!!

Just like last week, there are three different ways to access the meditation:

--> Please note that this is a free filehoster which uses advertisement to fund its service. There is a mini tutorial on the first weeks post on how to download the file from there. 

Take care 
Michelle & Anne

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Advent Crochet Meditation III


Glad you are here for the third Crochet Advent Meditation! We hope you enjoyed last week's episode and are looking forward to see your pictures! There now is a Ravelry page for the coaster, so hop over there if you haven't already. 

Some people were wondering who  was reading the meditation - well that mystery is easy to solve! It is Michelle, the Australian part of Crochet Between Worlds. 

We are now little over a week away from Christmas. Time flies, doesn't it? We hope with meditation helps you to relax during this busy days and gets you in spirit for Christmas!

Like last week, there are several different ways available to access the podcast. Note that Googledrive will most likely be out of bandwidth at some point, so if that happens, use one of the other options. 

1) Googledrive: Crochet Meditation III

--> Please note that this is a free filehoster which uses advertisement to fund its service. There is a mini tutorial on the first weeks post on how to download the file from there. 

We hope you enjoy this weeks meditation! If you have any questions, post them here or on Facebook. Please note that Anne - the German part of Crochet Between Worlds - is on holidays til Thursday, so there might be some delays. 

We tried very hard to eliminate any mistakes in the pattern but as you know, we are only human... if you find a mistake, tell us about it and we will start an errata list.

Take care, 
Michelle & Anne

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Advent Meditation Part II

Hello lovelies!

We hope you have enjoyed making your first coaster and are ready for the second Advent Meditation!    We would absolutely love to see your makes from last week (well and the ones of these week as well), so post them on Facebook, Instagram or wherever we can see them (we might need the link...). 

Tomorrow is the second of Advent and we hope this meditation helps you to take some time out of your normal busy day and reflect.

This weeks download can be found in different place. As you might recall, we had some problem with the bandwidth of our google drive last week (a lot more of you wanted to download the meditation which made us very happy!) and this might happen again this week. Therefore we have prepared alternative listing/download ways for you ahead which can we found below! If one doesn't work, please try another one.

--> Please note that this is a free filehoster which uses advertisement to fund its service. There is a mini tutorial on last weeks post on how to download the file from there. 

Enjoy this week meditation! If you need help, you can find us on Facebook. Just a quick reminder: We are doing this for free in our free time. We tried very hard to avoid mistakes but hey, we are only humans, so there might be some. If you find one, write us and we will start a errata list. 

Take care
Michelle & Anne

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Advent Meditation Part I

Hello Hello!

The first part of the Advent Meditation is here! We are sooo excited about it and can't wait to hear how you like it! General information about the idea can be found here

For the first pattern, you need about 20 grams of DK yarn (we use Stylecraft Classique Cotton), a 4mm crochet hook, scissors and a yarn needle.

It is a very easy pattern, however you need to know how to crochet sc, dc and ch stitches. The pattern begins with a magic circle. We simply adore that technique but if you can't do a magic circle (yet), you can also crochet 4ch and close them to a circle. When you finished the pattern, remember to sew in all the ends securely! 

Remember to take your time, don't be afraid to pause or rewind if you need to, and above all don't get stressed about it - this is meant to be a relaxing, mindful, creative activity.

Note 3rd Dec: This has become far more popular than we expected and as you probably noticed, our bandwidth with Googledrive has expire. So we looked into alternative solutions and have come up with the following.

1. You can listen to the podcast via Youtube. The video can be found here

2. We have now uploaded the file several times to the Filehoster 1fichier. The filehoster is can be used for free but of course that means they found themselves with ads. We recommend installing an adblocker to your browser but it works without too. You will just have to ignore tons of advertisement. When you open the link, scroll to the bottom of the page. Down there it will look like this. 

Click access to download and the next page will open. You will have to scroll down again and then there will be a button to download the file. Note that you need to click through to the actual download page in one go (no going back and forth) otherwise it will make you wait 60 min before you can download "again".

But without much further ado, here come the download via 1fichier: 
a) Crochet Advent Meditation b) Crochet Advent Meditation c) Crochet Advent Meditation 

We have the file on Googledrive as well but the bandwidth there expired as so many of you downloaded it (hurray for the downloads, argh for the bandwidth thing). If you reading this after the first advent weekend, it might work for you again, so here comes the link just in case Crochet Advent Meditation Part I.

Please post pictures of your finished coasters on our Facebook page or on instagram (hashtag #cbwadvent)! We can't wait to see them. :) We do ask you however to wait for 1-2 days til you post pictures, so others will have the moment of surprise too! Thank you :)

Feel free to ask us questions, we will try to reply as soon as possible. Please note that we are doing this for free in our spare time for you to enjoy, that is please be kind and give us the time needed.

Should you find a mistake (we hope there are none, but we are only human after all), please message them to us directly. If needed, we will have an errata list here. 

Enjoy and happy first Advent Sunday!!

Take care
Michelle & Anne

Thursday, 30 November 2017

REVIEW: Round and Round the Crochet Hook by Emily Littlefair

Hi everyone!

Today I have something a bit special for you - a peek at Emily Littlefair's new book, Round and Round the Crochet Hook. It is a gorgeous book of patterns with things you can crochet for your home, such as table runners, blankets, decorations, coasters and doilies. 

It was so hard to choose which pattern to try out - I don't need more blankets, my husband can't stand doilies, the coasters would come out huge in the DK yarn that I had to work with... but I just kept flicking back to the "Stars in the Night Sky" pattern. Yes it's a doily, but I figured I could make the beautiful stars individually as coasters instead of joining them together!

I used Drops Cotton Merino, which is soft enough to be lovely to work with, and firm enough to be able to hold up to being used as coasters.

The pattern is very clearly written, and I had no problems following the instructions or the chart.  

The finished stars did require steam blocking with the iron to get them to sit flat, but no pins were needed, just gentle coaxing with my fingers to straighten up the points. 

Aren't stars just perfect for this time of year? The coasters came out the ideal size for our oversize mugs, and even the little snowman got the opportunity of a comfy seat!

Overall this is a beautifully written, charted and photographed book. Thank you Emily!! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Advent Meditation - Getting Ready

Hi there!

This Advent we bring something special to you: An Advent Meditation. 

We love Advent, the time before Christmas but we do know that it can be a very hectic and stressful time. So why add something to do during this time, you might ask. Well, we had the idea that because life is so hectic during these days, it is all the more important to take some time to calm down and to focus. So, the idea of the Advent Meditation was born.

For us, crochet can be like a meditation, that is a time where you live in the moment because you focus on the task at hand and don't let your mind wonder. However, when one follows a written pattern, it is very easy to get distracted (hello phone, hello family, hello housework... you get the picture). It is also easy to skip ahead, to read ahead and thus not focus on the task as hand (in this case the row or round you are working on). While thinking about this dilemma, Michelle had the idea of a crochet meditation podcast, that is, a pattern which can only be heard but not read. The pattern is read out in the podcast and one has to crochet the rows/rounds as one listens to the instructions. No worries, it is not read at super speed but at a decent crochet time (we had it tested). 

We will post the links and extra information for each meditation here on the blog, so make sure to come back by the 2nd of December!

Part 1 can now be found here.
Part 2 can be found here


What will we crochet?
A set of 4 different coasters. So there can be another nice side effect (aside from taking some time for yourself to relax) - you will crochet a coaster set which you could give away as a Christmas present!

Will there we a written pattern or a graph?

There will be no written pattern. There will be no graph. There will be nothing which you can see. Nada. You will have to listen to create the pattern. 

How do I participate?

28.11: Attention! We won't have a iTunes download after all. If everything works out, you will be able to download the podcast from our blog. Please check back on the 2.12. to find the link/download!

Then you will have to find the time to listen and crochet as you listen to the meditation.

What do I need?

About 100g of DK/8 ply cotton yarn. We recommend you use cotton yarn and if you are in a festive mood, you might want to choose christmas-y colors. We both used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK in the following three colors: Poppy, Ivory and Leaf. You will also need a 4mm crochet hook, scissors and a yarn needle. 

How many meditation podcasts will there be?

Four. One in each week of Advent.

How long is each podcast?

Each podcast is less than 30 minutes long - Michelle can make three or four of each coaster in that time so we are confident you will be able to make one! 

When will the meditation podcasts be published?

Each Saturday of Advent: 2.12., 9.12., 16.12., 23.12.

Will there be pictures of the coasters available beforehand?

No. We want you to focus on the process and not to think ahead what might come next. We fear that a picture might be a distraction. We will probably publish pictures one or two days after the podcast episode was released. 

Can I post pictures of my finished items?

Of course! In fact, please do - we looovvee to see what you made with our patterns. If you're on instagram or Facebook, use the hashtag #cbwadvent so we can find your pictures easily.

Are the patterns hard to follow?

No, at least we don't think so. They are suitable for intermediate beginners. That is, you need to know how to crochet the basic stitches and be able to crochet at a steady pace. Don't forget you can always pause the podcast to catch up, or rewind and listen again. 

Which crochet terms will you use?

U.S. crochet terms. 

What if I find a mistake in the pattern?

Please contact us right away, so we can start a errata list. We try very, very hard not to have any mistakes in the pattern but oh well, it might happen.